A lot of people have said to me that for a site called Non pro Cycling, there is a hell of a lot of Pro Cycling talk. Well, yes. But there is also a fair bit content talking about my adventures in cycling. That is where the Non Pro bit comes in.

I have been interested in cycling since I was a kid.

My First Bike.

JNPC. Junior Non Pro Cyclist


I rode, like most kids, everywhere I could. When I was able to drive, I got a car and riding a bike seemed to be lost in the years between 18 and 22. I then got back into it again on a MTB that ran on high pressure slick tyres.

The European cycling scene wasn’t very well covered in Australia back then, and you would be lucky to get a little segment on Saturdays Wide World of Sports. I remember as an apprentice working with a Frenchman. He had lived in Australia for a few years but still loved cycling. During the Tour de France for a few years, his brother would send him a video tape, VHS for those that remember them, of highlights at the end of each week of the Tour. It would arrive about 2 weeks later and we would go and watch them at the weekend at his place, with him translating a lot of it for us. I was working with a few mates that enjoyed cycling at the time and did some club riding on weekends.

Fast forward a few years to 2005. In the time between my early 20’s and mid to late 30’s, I had gotten married, changed jobs, had a child and gotten divorced. There was virtually no bike riding in that time. In 2005, after a lot of planing, I set of on a solo charity ride between Sydney and Melbourne, via Canberra. 1000kms in 2 weeks.


About as Non Pro as possible.


It was a fantastic experience. I fell in love with riding again. I got to spend 2 weeks meeting people, hanging out with some mates and having new experiences, like the one below.


Sharing the Experience

It is times like these that I realised just how much I enjoyed riding. I can tell you, there is a lot of time to think on a 1000km bike ride.


Time to Think

In 2009 I got a new bike. The old MTB could finally have a rest.

My new ride.

The first Upgrade.

I had moved to the South Coast of NSW and the riding is fantastic. I was the heaviest I had ever been, 105kgs, so I needed to do some kilometres.




I met some new mates, did some big rides with old mates and started this blog. In 2010, I upgraded to a proper road bike, my first one ever.


The 2nd Upgrade

Riding it was great fun.It was so much faster and twitchier. Especially for a Non Pro Cyclist.

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  1. Daniele says:

    i have a couple of questions:

    – On your Rubber Glove try, your FTP was tested at 235; i saw a more recent rubber glove of yours in Trainerroad and it was MUCH higher, probably more than 300. Was it just increased fitness (!) or something else?

    – Do you now use Zwift instead of Trainerroad? If so, do you think it’s better strictly for training and overall?


    • norbs says:

      Hi Daniele,

      I am not sure how recent that was but my FTP does bounce around a little depending on my fitness and mood when doing the test. Usually it is around 250-300W. Last night on Zwift I got dropped by the bunch on a group ride and buried myself trying to catch back up and my 20 minute effort has my FTP at 265. https://www.strava.com/activities/756244664

      Yes, I am using Zwift now. A lot! I can ride in bunch rides with mates or do workouts. I find for me it is more versatile. I cant really justify multiple monthly subscriptions, so for now I just use Zwift. I highly recommend it.

      Ride safe,

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