“Let’s Take it Easy Today”, They Did Not Listen

Friday morning for the CuBeCyCl gang is supposed to be a no drop coffee ride. It is our most popular group ride because at the end we sit around and bull shit at the local bakery.
A couple of solid efforts on the trainer, and 2 hard sessions on the road on Monday and Tuesday had my legs feeling like mince.

A big crowd was at the start (a big crowd for us, 8 riders), including the real fast guys, Dan and Tim.

May as well knock this on the head right from the get go. “Let’s go easy today gents. No records!” There seemed to be enough smiles and nods for me to think the message had sunk in. 20 minutes later I was breathing out of my arse and struggling to hold on.

I will let the video tell the story of the final couple of kilometres. Bloody triathletes!

Ride data.

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5 Responses to “Let’s Take it Easy Today”, They Did Not Listen

  1. Andrew Hutchison says:

    Ha ha been in that situation many many times myself……It’s heaps of fun when you are the instigator also.

  2. Alex W says:

    Solid pace there mate! Not bad for an old fart 😉

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