Woodhill Mountain, You Glorious Bitch!

Last Saturday Richard and i took off for a longish ride, including a local climb called Woodhill Mountain. I have never completed this climb without stopping before, so that was going to be the challenge of the day. Not much to say, just watch the video to see a struggle that is real.

And the fun part, when the extra kilograms actually help.

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3 Responses to Woodhill Mountain, You Glorious Bitch!

  1. jj says:

    great work going up the climb!! I would have fall over my bike for part of it for sure!

  2. Andrew says:

    And no-one understands why I don’t do the Nowra Velo Club Hillclimb Championships: It’s held on Woodhill. I’m a sprinter. Enough said.
    I’ve climbed it my fair share of times though.

  3. Tim OConnell says:

    Top stuff norbs. Couldnt help but have a chuckle. Well done mate, its a brutal climb that last few hundred meters.

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