Tour Down Under – Day 2 and 3.

So, the catch up post. Forgot to post yesterday, but to be honest, there wasn’t a huge amount happening.

Monday was the BikeExchange Norton Summit Strava Challenge. Something I was keen to have a crack at. I certainly wasn’t expecting to get in the top half of the entrants, but given it was 38C, the amount of people actually doing the challenge was way down on the 900 odd entrants.

I ended up about 30 seconds off my PB, but considering I had walked a million miles the day before, I couldnt complain. My result here. I ended up 63rd out of the 115 who had a go. I am happy enough with that.

I then tried to trace the ride Carl and I did last year and got hopelessly lost in the Adelaide Hills. Not the best place to get lost for a large unit like myself. But, some of the roads are magnificent.

Vines. #cycling #morningride #cubecycl #TDU2016 #roadtrip

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I ended up at a place called Crafters, and decided a stop was needed.

Yes, that will help. I then saw a sign to Mount Lofty. Ha, I think that was where we passed last year. Off I go. Oddly, more bloody climbing. But, once there, it was worth it.

I took in the view, and wondered how I’d made it. Then the plunge back in to Adelaide. Boy, what a quick descent it is too. That said, I would have felt way more comfy with disc brakes. There, I said it.

I got back to my hotel and was cooked. I took off my shoes, HR monitor and dumped the bike in the room and then waddled off to the pool. I threw my gear onto a chair and just fell into the pool, much to the delight of a bunch of women cyclist out side the pool fence. I flopped around for 10 or so minutes and then hauled myself back out of the pool and had a shower.

I then made my way to the Tour Village for a look see. First, a quick detour to buy a belt. Now Adelaide is baking at the moment, but everywhere you go is air conditioned. I can understand why, but when you are in and out of trams, shops and other places, it is no wonder I was feeling like I was getting a cold. One shop I went into must have been 15C. I just about dislocated a nipple. Finally, i found a belt big enough to get around me and then it was back to the tour village.

I bumped in to Bronwen @bondigal Thompson there and met her husband and son. She also took some photos.

After a quick chat I was off to take some photos.

Specialized disc "suspension" bike. #tdu2016 #cycling

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Look, but don't touch. #tdu2016 #lookbikes

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Then it was back to the motel for some dinner, some reading and lights out.

Today I slept in. Oh well, I may as well head off to stage 1 at Prospect. The forecast said 40C. Urggh.

Prospect. This cloud won't be around long. #TDU2016

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Feel the rush. #TDU2016

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Caleb Ewan better get used to this. #tdu #prospect #stage1

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I mooched around, said hi to a bunch of people, and just before the start, headed off to my first spot to take photos. Well, that was the plan. Traffic and roadworks meant I was behind the peloton, so I pulled the plug, otherwise I would have been driving like an idiot on roads I didnt know.

So I came back to the motel and watched it on TV and chatted on the Twitters.

Caleb Ewan, what a beast! He took that win easily.

I was inspired, time to get on the bike and head out for a ride.

I headed towards the hills, not really knowing where I was going. Before I knew it I was going up the freeway out of Adelaide towards Stirling. God, that is a hill.

I had to stop to see if I was still going in the right direction.

Then, I proceeded to get bloody lost again. If you people ever stop hearing from me, send a search party into the Adelaide Hills.

I managed to scoff down a banana on my way up, which promptly decided it didn’t like being inside me, and liked the sound of the roadside even more. After that I was like a Minion with tourettes syndrome. God almighty, I couldn’t shake the taste or smell of banana. Most likely why I missed the turn to Crafters. It was 40C and I was losing it.

Even the drop bears were struggling in the heat.

Lost again. #cycling #arvoride #cubecycl #tdu

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Finally, I was back at the top of Mt Lofty. Bloody hell. This is a lot of climbing for a flatlander like myself. I had cramps in my legs going up, and a cramp in my date going down! Finally, I got home.

I quick chat to the bride and then off for a pizza and beer for dinner.

Thanks for the tip Mr and Mrs Ferguson. It was terrific.

So that my friends is the catch up of the last two days.

For more photos, check the link here.

Now, I am off to bed. More jibberings tomorrow.

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