Tour Down Under – Day 1

Today was the first day to go for a ride and check out some racing.

The ride was a flat one, to get me ready for the Norton Summit Challenge tomorrow. I went down to Glenelg and then North for a while til I found a quiet place for a coffee.

Cracking 1st day on Radelaide. #cycling #morningride #cubecycl #tdu #roadtrip

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Time for breakfast. Not a bad spot. #cycling #morningride #cubecycl #TDU2016 #roadtrip

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A thimble of mocha. #cycling #morningride #cubecycl #TDU2016 #roadtrip

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Wheel sucking like a champ this morning. #tdu2016 #cycling #morningride #cubecycl

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Then it was back into the Hilton to grab a press pass courtesy of John at The Velocast.

Some more mucking about and then it was off to the People’s Choice Classic.

It is hot. Ladies crit kicks off soon. #TDU2016 #cycling

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Break away in the womens race. #tdu2016 #peopleschoiceclassic

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The sprint to the line. #tdu2016 #peopleschoiceclassic

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Attack!!!! #tdu2016 #peopleschoiceclassic

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If you would like to cast an eye over a few more, check out the gallery here.

Tomorrow is the Norton Summit challenge, so I hope this fuzzy head is just tiredness, and not the onset of a cold.


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