Tour Down Under – The Trip There.

It is that time of year again. The time I pack my gear and head virtually directly west to Adelaide. I love it. And I love the road trip. 1350kms of norbs time.

And away we go. Hay here I come. #tdu #roadtrip

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I had to do a couple of things in Nowra (25 minutes from home) and bumped in to a couple of people, so had a bit of a chat and set off.

it was a super slow trip. Accidents, slow vehicles and helping a couple of elderly ladies change a flat, had me getting to Hay a lot later than normal. But I had to head out and spin the legs after a long day in the car.

The yearly Benduck photo. #cycling #arvoride #cubecycl #tdu #roadtrip

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I am pretty sure I have explained to those that don’t know that Hay is flat.

Yep, zero metres climbed in 16 kms.

I took off a little later than I normally would from Hay, and ended up filling up the car at Balranald and then brunch in Mildura.

Brunch. Didn't have breakfast in Balranald after all. #tdu #roadtrip

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Dry #tdu #roadtrip

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Inspection station. Luckily I ate all my fruit. #tdu #roadtrip

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I finally arrived in my motel that is a lot bigger and closer than the previous two years. Got everything set up and then walked to the Tour Village to watch the team presentation.

Non Pro Cycling Central is online. #tdu #roadtrip

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Reasonable crowds for the team presentation. #tdu #roadtrip

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The presentation was running ridiculously late, and I bailed after Team Uni SA. I had to eat.

So I am looking forward to some riding during the week and with a big thank you to John Galloway and Scott O’Raw from Velocast, I have a press pass, so get ready for a bunch of photos.

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