Toot Toot, It’s the Tim Express

Friday is normally no drop coffee day. We had a bunch of 10 today, with 6 in the CuBeCyCl jerseys looking terrific. One of those was Tim, the triathlete on his TT Bike. Oh jesus.

He was going to give our local loop a red hot go, and gave the rest of us a head start.

Yesterday we had a fairly good hit out and went faster than I had gone for months. My legs weren’t great, but that is no excuse, I was smashed by the group. here is a few videos.

First, the end of yesterdays ride.

Now, today’s ride where I get dropped and just stop pedaling. My legs had nothing left.

And the Strava Fly-By of Tim catching us, and passing me. Tim is the green circle. You’ll see the bunch go with him towards the end when I blow up.

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3 Responses to Toot Toot, It’s the Tim Express

  1. Anthony Chater says:

    When the tank is empty, the machine will stop.

    It was like watching a stage of the tour with sell of those team jerseys.

  2. jj says:

    that looks like solid riding!! enjoy it and nice ridng

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