A workout for the blood pump.

Well today I was a bit sore from a longish and quick ride yesterday. The group got away from me and it gave the old blood pump a hell of a workout catching back up..

Look at all those CuBeCyCl jerseys too!

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2 Responses to A workout for the blood pump.

  1. Anthony Chater says:

    Hi Norbs, I have ridden with the Culburra boys in the past. Just bought a Hero Silver 4. Battery is terrible. Do you have any tips for me? Looking at lipo piggy back batteries and/or small solar like solar monkey.
    Anthony Chater

    • norbs says:

      Hi Anthony,

      I can try. When you say terrible, what sort of times are we talking about? Also, on what settings?

      Happy to try and help out mate.


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