Day 1 of the norbs TdF Challenge of 2015.

Every now and then I am known to shoot my big mouth off, and the other night was a clanger. I put this out to the world on Twitter.

Had a giggle to myself and sat back. Ding. A notification that it has been retweeted. Hahah. Ding, ding. Oh wow, 2 more. Hahah. A few more dings and I was starting to worry.

And then it went a bit crazy and I ended up with 45 retweets.

So today, after a bit of shopping, it was on the bike.

Enjoying a ripper day out in the sun and a bit of a breeze. Then…

I cracked it and pulled the pin a little while later. So about 12kms down on my goal for the day.

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