Non Pro Cycling #tourquiz Stage 1.

Ok people, each stage there will be a question for people to answer. No prizes, apart from bragging rights.

Tonight, where will Cav come in the prologue? Answer in the comments below.

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5 Responses to Non Pro Cycling #tourquiz Stage 1.

  1. Susan Mills says:

    Cav will be 26th

  2. Phil yardy says:

    83rd – I’m guessing we won’t hear much about Cav today!

  3. Brendan Jones says:

    Cav will come in following Renshaw (like he usually does)

  4. Mini Buddha says:

    Give me 137th for the Cav Man

  5. Ben Sartori says:

    Cav finish 3rd in the Best Five O’Clock Shaddow jersey competition

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