Day 3 @ TDU

No Norton on the menu today. Just a lazy roll down to Glenelg. It was overcast, and I think I felt the first drops of rain I have ever felt in Adelaide. It was breezy again, and it blew most of the day.

A first for me whilst out riding, a ballerina!

I love coming to Adelaide, but they don’t miss you when you get a coffee and banana bread $12.40 thanks very much.

Home for a shower and then it was off to chase the peloton. Had a chat with some farmers at Mine Rd. They saw the camera and asked if I was a big deal or something. I told them I most certainly wasn’t, then had 3 blokes on bikes all yell out “Hey norbs” within 5 minutes. Talk about timing.

Some photos I managed.

The idea was to wait for the peloton to pass, then go back to a turn off and try and beat them to the back of Checker Hill. All was going well til I saw a pair of ladies standing next to their bikes looking like they were in trouble. I helped with a puncture, but it put me behind the peloton, and made for a slow trip home.

The recent fires have made a mess of some of the hills. I stopped to get a photo.

Then it was home for a lay around before heading out to the women’s stage 4 crit.

The Adelaide SD card hoodoo stuck again when my card wouldn’t read, write or format. Luckily, Matt “The Climbing cyclist” de Neef came to the rescue. Thanks Matt. Champion!

This from tonight’s race.

Plus a few more in this gallery.

The cold feels like it is finally letting go, so maybe another crack at that bloody Norton thing tomorrow.

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  1. jj bonneville says:

    sweet photos! enjoy day 4. i was able to get the text updates for day 3. glad that college kid won it

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