Gerrans vs Talansky

This is as good a job of the screenies I can manage at 1:45am.

Use the cursor keys to go through the sequence.

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16 Responses to Gerrans vs Talansky

  1. Jeffrey Swainhart says:

    Wow, thanks. Great images. It doesn’t look like Gerrans is completely blameless as some seem to think.

    • Mike C says:

      No the stills are misleading. If you look at the video slo mo, Gerrans moves left as the contact occurred. The still doesn’t capture this.

      • My_Oath says:

        The left move you are talking about is a result of the contact, not the cause of it.

    • SelfAppointe says:

      nope. 100% talansky. not looking where he’s going. Gerrans overtook him on his left whilst he’s looking sideways.

  2. Greg says:

    Geee, do you guys even know how to follow & look at a white line…Look where AT is sitting at the start of your slide show to the center white line & Look where GT is sitting to that same white center line…Maybe with your expert eyes, you can see WHO moves more to the right or left?? Well, guess what, it is AT that drifted across& not putting the effort in as the sprint is coming around him..AT’s fault for “You are either in it or get out of the way!”

    • 60Kilo says:

      Surely a line on the road has little relevance when the entire pack is moving left. See where Trentin and Dumoulin begin and end.

    • hendie says:

      Do you know how to follow and look at the entire group of riders who move left?

  3. schlom says:

    In those 11 pictures there is only one person who isn’t either looking straight ahead or down – Andrew Talansky. And of course there is only one person who crashed in those 11 pictures. I’m guessing those two things are related.

  4. Chris Daigle says:

    Garrans goes from the center of the lane all the way to the barricades. Talansky drifted about a foot to his left. Gerrans hit Talansky’s hip before he clipped his bars.

    UCI Rule (not that it’s enforced equally):

    2.3.036 Riders shall be strictly forbidden to deviate from the lane they selected when launching into the sprint and, in so doing, endangering others.

    • SelfAppointe says:

      “….all the way to the barricades”‘ ?
      *rubs eyes and checks what color kit Gerrans was wearing*

      • Chris Daigle says:

        I meant to say almost to the barricade. He started his sprint on the left side of the group and wound up on the far right of the group.

  5. Jerome says:

    Should add a screen shot showing Gerro against the barriers at the start of the sprint, it’s not like he started on the outside as shiwn

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  7. Scorndog says:

    SG has bulk of blame. Here’s why. He had all the information. He knew he was overlapping AT’s front wheel and that he would clip it with a sharp move to his right. He recklessly did it anyway, thus causing the crash. He’d been behind AT, was going faster, brushed AT because AT had been on a line that forced SG out of the line he wanted. So SG nudged AT and then shot over, regardless of the risk to AT of his fixed back wheel hitting AT’s front wheel. A crash was highly likely, if not inevitable. SG knew that, and he had full knowledge of where AT was relative to him at the time of his sharp change in direction. He knew what AT’s line had been because he’d watched it, and he knew what AT’s speed was, relative to his.

  8. Nick says:

    “Man not looking where he’s going crashes his bicycle shocker!”

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