Phil and Paul, I Have Some Questions

Where is the safest spot in the peloton?

Do the riders get nervous?

Paul, did you ever ride professionally?

Is there a chance you might lose the Tour de France on any given day, but not win it?

Are there really four Sundays in the Tour de France?

Have there ever been any gauntlets laid down during the Tour de France?

Can you dance on the pedals?

Has any one rider ever ridden like ten men?

Do nerves of steel ever help?

If a sprinter touches his brakes, is it a sign of weakness?

Do the screws ever get turned up?

Does the peloton ever string out?

Has the rubber band ever broken?

How big is the suitcase of courage?

Are they heads of state in a bike race?

Is it possible to tap out a rhythm?

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7 Responses to Phil and Paul, I Have Some Questions

  1. AndyVB says:

    …and WTF is road furniture?

  2. Classic stuff Norbs. And the yellow fleece gives you wings?

  3. Duke6amer says:

    You forgot the newest one. Has the Hammer ever gone down in a bike race?

  4. Christopher 'Fury' Fife says:

    How long is the ‘tunnel of noise’?

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