My 3 New Bikes.

Since jumping back on to a bicycle in 2009, I have had three new bikes.

My new ride.

The original Merida flat bar hybrid. Bought on the 23 July 2009, got me back into cycling. Sadly, I found it gave me sore wrists riding it, so I sold it after 5000kms and got this.


Bought on the 6th May 2011, this bike was a fantastic buy. It got me around the bay, from Adelaide to Geelong and many other adventures. I blogged about how much I loved this bike a while back. About a week after that blog post, I found a crack in the frame. Bugger. After some chit chat with Sheppard Cycles, the Avanti distributors in Australia, I ended up with this. A big thank you to Cam and Ainslee for their help in the process.


What a beast. A fair bit more aggressive than the old Avanti, and lighter. With my mass on top of it, it certainly goes down hills fast. Lets hope I can get as much fun out of this one as the last one.

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3 Responses to My 3 New Bikes.

  1. phil says:

    If you can, I would be very interested if you wrote a review of the corsa dr, or at least a comparison with your old aluminium giro.

  2. jj bonneville says:

    how do you like your new bike now?

  3. Zac says:

    Great bike, looks wonderful and very light, I’d love to ride one!! I agree with Phil, it would be cool if you could write a review of it! Keep on with the good job! 🙂

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