Can You Be First to Pick Last?

Fantasy leagues, they are like lunatics on a climb at the Giro. Everywhere! I think it is time for something different. Probably not original, but different.

Who do you think will pick up the lanterne rouge (last official finisher) at the 2014 Tour de France?

Leave your pick in the comments below and you could win something. It might just be a bottle picked up from the side of the road at this years Tour Down Under. It may be something better. If I manage to scrape any other prizes together, I will list them in this post.

If no one picks the lantern rouge, it will be the lowest placed rider chosen first. I hope there won’t be any duplicates. I usually only get a couple of comments anyway, so it shouldn’t be too hard to see who has been picked.

Prize pool :

Velocast Tshirt, thanks to John and Scott at the Velocast
– Bottle picked up from roadside at 2014 Tour Down Under

To enter, just add a comment below. Keep an eye out here once the TdF has finished to see if you have won.

Entries close July 7th.

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14 Responses to Can You Be First to Pick Last?

  1. Prongle says:

    Jean-Marc Bideau

  2. David Beckwith says:

    Svein Tuft – (if he’s racing) He’s done it before so can do it again.

  3. SelfAppointe says:


  4. #doh says:

    Jens Voigt

  5. Mini Buddha says:

    Looking at this year’s results, put me down for Ji Cheng (GIA)

  6. phil says:

    svein tuft

  7. Ian Thomas says:

    Christian Meier – seeing as though someone else already grabbed Svein Tuft!

  8. Pixelboy says:


  9. Nitro says:

    Greg Henderson

  10. Belinda8888 says:

    Petacchi. Let’s see if he can drag that ageing bod all the way to Paris…

  11. Paul Hunt says:

    Roger Kluge

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