New New Bits and Old Old Bits

As most people know, I have had the frame upgraded on my bike a week or two ago. I will put a full review of the warranty process together some time in the next week.

Today was time to replace a few bits that got moved from the old bike to the new one. Some were for aesthetic reasons, and others due to the old parts having issues.

Issue #1. The front caliper. It looks like there was a routed the wrong way around the caliper. Something I might have done, I am not sure. Anyway, here is what it looked like.

On went the new calipers, some black 105’s.

Next up, some new dark grey cranks. The old chrome ones were very beaten up and looked a little odd on the new frame. So on the new ones went and after a few wipes over, todays work was done.

Once the rear wheel has been re-laced and trued, I will get the new machine out for some decent photos.

Here is it last weekend out on my 2nd ride.

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