What the Hell is #girosnacks?

Only the biggest thing this side of the globe that is Giro d’Italia related. Forget the little Aussie team that could. Forget Cuddles and his fandango (it is a colour folks) jersey. This is what has all the Aussie Giro freaks excited every night. #girosnacks

#girosnacks sprung from the loins of #tourdesnack or #tourlesnack (I don’t actually remember), its French cousin. The bowl of pasta to the offal and butter-fest that is French cuisine.

To get to the heart of it, it is the celebratory snack that Aussie cycling fans have to help them stay interested late at night and is the equivalent of a power gel with either 50kms or roughly 1 hour to go in a race.

I think it started a couple of years ago during the Tour de France, and has grown to the point that the face of cycling for television, Mike Tomalaris, now participates.

Each stage, I put the call out to see what people have in their musettes of courage. Lately, with the terrific support of Cycling Central, the responses have been superb. Just run your eye of a few of these…

@geekonabike is the Jens of the #girosnack “Shut up tongue!”

At the end of the Giro, I will gather the best ones and maybe we can get some prizes together to award to people. Maybe a signed head shot of Tomo? A half eaten Cherry Ripe from Henk. Who knows. Photos will help.

I am also calling for a day of pink on stage 20. I don’t care what it is, pink doughnuts, musk sticks, creaming soda, the more the better.

So get on board the #girosnacks train. Toot Toot!

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  1. Tanya says:

    Love the idea of pink #girosnacks on Stage 20! Iced vovos and pink marshmallows! Strawberry freddo frog!

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