Dickhead Caught on Camera.

Well, despite what I said last week about the GoPro always being off when I have close calls, I managed to get some footage of someone doing something stupid. A Valentines day ride and this arsehat was sharing the love.

Check this out.

Despite my bright orange jersey and even brighter helmet. And the flashing 1400 lumen front light, he kept coming towards me. Missing me by a few feet. Considering I was traveling at 30kph and he was probably doing 60-80kph, I am glad he didn’t clip me. A closer look.

So MRB-079, how about a little bit more room next time? You sir are the dickhead of the day!

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  • CLP

    reported to the police?

  • smithcorptweet

    Police need to see this!

  • jackspratt2009

    Bloody Ford drivers, you can never trust them, heh!

  • Edward

    Posted on Cycle, Todd, can you please get in touch with me.


  • John Smith

    Happens all the time De Rigueur for drivers with poor behaviour

  • Sam B

    you need to tell the cops