Well Done Dickhead

I got up early this morning to get out in the fresh cool air and do a lazy 30 odd kilometres before work.

Normally, I don’t get too annoyed by dickhead drivers, but this morning, this one managed to piss me right off.

The reason I was so riled by this idiot, was that just 10 seconds prior, I looked over my shoulder to see how much traffic was around. I did this because I could see a smashed bottle up ahead. When I looked, a blue ute and this idiot were right in the middle of the lane.

Obviously, this waste of oxygen decided to give me a 80kph fly by at close quarters. Sadly, his number plate is blurred, and I missed it because my glasses had some fog on them, so i can’t track the idiot down. Check it out.


You can click the next photo for a larger view of just how much road he had to play with.


Now, he is probably closer than a metre away, but it is one reason that even a metre is not enough in my book. He is doing 80kph if he is doing the speed limit. I am doing 25kph. Imagine if he misjudges and clips me, what will happen. He will drive off unharmed, I could very well be dead.

Given the video I just posted, I thought this was a good example of the dickheads on the road.

Once I had calmed down, it was a beautiful start to the day.

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4 Responses to Well Done Dickhead

  1. AndyVB says:

    That is far too close for comfort. My dick-on-the-road count has been pretty low of late.. That is until last night when I copped some real out of the blue agro on the wide Yarra Boulie of all places (with no traffic in either direction). The honking and serve I copped from the woman at the wheel was so aggressive, but at the same time so completely unnecessary that I could only laugh!

    Did spoil an otherwise beautiful night though – only because I then spent 30 minutes thinking through all the witty things I could have kindly said if we were to catch up again!

  2. Island Rider says:

    The vast majority of drivers here at the moment give us heaps of room, sometimes pulling right out into the opposite lane, and they get the friendly wave. But, there’s always the 1% who never deviate from the traffic lane and sometimes swerve in towards you as well. Hard to believe what goes on in their tiny little minds.

    P.S. Last couple are great photos Norbs.

    Cheers, Owen.

  3. David Beckwith says:

    Like Andy, my dickhead count has been pretty low lately – until yesterday! Got heckled from the other side of the road. This was a road with cycle lanes on both sides, not overwhelmingly busy and I’m merrily punching my way into a solid souwester when I hear the very original, ‘get off the road you fxxxxxg idiot.’Pretty tame in the scheme of things but unnecessary. Then this morning, a more concerted assassination attempt. Guy at a t junction – looks at me and you could see the thought process – only a bike, fxxk it I’m going – despite the fact that at this stage I’m close enough to reach in and have a sip of his coffee or punch him out for his stupidity. As it was he went and I took evasive action… dickhead

  4. Michael Wratten says:

    Geez, a bit close Norbs. I had a few of those Monday too, even some moron yelling at me on the bend before the road works… Tool had to stop and wait, but I didn’t have enough left in my legs to catch up and give him a mouthful in front of his girlfriend. Obviously thought he was pretty funny until the lollipop lady stopped him…..

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