Cafe Roo Bay

Here at Non Pro Cycling, we like to think we specialize in bringing you the most beautiful spots in the most beautiful sport. Whether it be a beautiful piece of tarmac that you can attack to avenge a crappy week at work. Or maybe some singletrack that lets you go AWOL. Or even a fantastic local bike shop that always gets to the crux of the problem. We like to point them out.

Our first feature is a sleepy little spot to get your caffeine fix. If you crave good coffee, this is the place for you. Located in a stunning part of the world, the South Coast of NSW, Roo Bay is a secluded spot where the kangaroos can be seen every morning from the back deck of the cafe.

Roos at Dawn

If you are lucky, on special days, an enormous red kangaroo with the alias of Fatboy can be seen standing tall where the bush transitions to the beach.

If you love great coffee and stunning places to ride your bike, be it road, cyclocross or MTB, Roo Bay is ruby in the rough.

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