Boobs, Body Paint and Bridie.

Well that is a heading I never thought would be possible. But, there you go.

The cycling social media in Australia has gone troppo the past few days after a shop in Melbourne used some ladies sporting pretty much only a pair on knicks that would offer no protection at all, and a smear of paint.

I have seen some chatter about it, but wasn’t all that interested. Then I saw a tweet from Bridie O’Donnell this afternoon. I am a big fan of hers. We have chatted a few times on Twitter, but I doubt she’d know me from the next fat old bloke. This was what she said.

So, having just been for a ride, I thought I would give it a look. Here, you can too.

Bridie puts it far better than I could. I retweeted it and got a few interesting replies. Those replies got me thinking. The first thing resulted in this tweet.

For those not in the know, Specialized shops usually attach a premium to their prices. It isn’t up to me to say whether this is good or bad, but judging by the amount of their bikes I see around the Shoalhaven, they are doing ok.

The second thing that struck me, and Bridie touches on it, was the women doing it. Sexualising the sport. Good? Bad? I don’t know.

Now the way my feeble thinking box works is by putting myself in the position of these women. What, given the opportunity, would I do?

Now, this is really stretching my powers of imagination. Looks aren’t my strong point. Some quotes used to describe me include “he has a head like a dropped pie”, “a face like a beaten favourite”, “a face like a bashed crab” and on they go. As an apprentice, in my absolute prime as far as looks go, a mates mum described me as “not a handsome man, but he has a happy head”. Talk about a backhanded compliment!

So, you get my point. I am more Buscemi than Clooney.

What would I do if I was asked to bare my bits for money or fame? For me, I think a lot would have to do with the age I was asked, given the highly unlikely event that I held my pretend good looks.

As a brash 20 year old, I reckon I would have had my gear off a second after being asked. As a 30 year old, I probably would have waited for the photo shoot to disrobe. At 40, I would probably have declined the offer. So who am I to judge anyone that does have the opportunity.

But, is it the right way to market a new opening of a retail store? I have my doubts, and if some of the things I have read on Twiiter and FaceBook are any barometer, I am not alone. That said, they have generated so much chatter on social media, probably way more than if they had had a less controversial strategy, that despite the moral dilemna, you’d have to say it worked.

It takes a far greater mind than mine to tear it all apart and make sense of it, but I think more people than the current 136 should take a look at Bridie’s video. Also, for some background, check out Cycling Tips.

Kudos to Bridie.

What are your thoughts?

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  1. Ash says:

    Wow. Tasteless and very non pro specialized. Would think twice about the brand and how could girls shop there!!!

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