What not to eat before a trip to Sufferlandria

Somebody once said “time heals all wounds”. I think there is some truth in that quote.

Some time has passed since I bolted the bike into the turbo trainer and got another Sufferlandrian Visa stamped on my passport.

On the agenda today, A Very Dark Place.

From all my reading, A Very Dark Place is a very nasty piece of work from the minions over at Sufferfest HQ.

I haven’t done a lot of riding of late, and I have been feeling less than motivated, so I thought a good thrashing in the SufferCell would help.

Here dear reader is a life lesson if you are ever preparing for a heavy hit out. Don’t make your pre work out gastronomical intake consist of a massive bowl of…

… with a fist full of these …..

… as the chaser. Throw in about 800ml of carbonated water, and I think you know what is coming.

I got 10 minutes into this workout before my gut started making it known that it hadn’t quite made it very far into my digestive system. With the burbling sound coming from my mid section resembling that of the bubbles coming up out of a geyser, I should have taken the hint and pulled stumps.

Alas, it takes more than a gentle hint for me to get a message. At the 15 minute mark after a couple of intense efforts, a sound escaped my lips that sounded like a hot water bottle full of pea and ham soup being dropped onto a drum.

The accompanying sensation to tickle the taste buds, of a choc orange massaman curry, had the legs stopping as all my energy went into making sure I didn’t produce a technicolour yawn the likes have never been seen before.

A few moments to compose myself. I slowly started to spin the legs up again. Nope, I could feel it happening again. It was time to cut this session short.

Sadly, I think I am going to have to do the FTP test again and lower my expectations. The last couple of months of taking it easy have taken their toll.

It is time to harden up and get fit.

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