Time for New SpeedPlay Cleats

“argh, can’t clip in!!”

I had just stopped for a nature break just off the road in farm country. After clipping my right foot in, I pushed off and was having trouble getting my left foot clipped in. I stopped and got off the bike. Lifting my left foot back and up behind my right knee, I spied a small piece of gravel jammed in between the sole of the shoe and the cleat covers I use. It actually meant having to take the shoe off and prising the unwelcome piece of road out of my shoe. When I had done that I took a closer look to make sure there was no damage. No, no damage, but I think it is time to replace these cleats.

Here are a few photos of the cleats this morning before I replaced them.

So, as you can see, pretty buggered. if you aren’t sure what they should look like, here are some comparisons.





And side by side.

So, as you can see, they really were due to go.

No, before the wave of SpeedPlay hate hits, they cleats have done 13,600kms! I went through a set of Shimano SPD-SL cleats in 4000kms.

The replacement took me 15 minutes. Take out the 5 minutes it took me to find the Loctite and it is a quick and easy job.

It will be interesting to see how long I get out of this set, as I have started using these Keep on Cover for SpeedPlay from Cell Bikes. They stay on all the time, so now I don’t need to carry the cafe Covers around with me every where i go.

I’m off tomorrow to see how they feel.

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9 Responses to Time for New SpeedPlay Cleats

  1. bonnev659 says:

    nice! that is a good time

  2. deborahdavigdor says:

    Hey norbs, do u have zeros or light action? I use X series so those covers are not an option. You’ve done well to get that many Ks out of a set of cleats!

  3. Duke6amer says:

    So how are the new stay on covers, these sort of add-ons may mean I try SP’s eventually…

    • norbs says:

      Given the slagging you have given them previously, that comes as a surprise!

      They are good. I think they were $22 and they should keep the cleats in a lot better condition.

  4. Tom Galbraith says:

    That is awesome usage Norbs, I don’t think I could have left it that long 🙂 I use the Keep On covers, albeit on Zeros, and I hope to beat your record and a bit more. Added benefit with Keep Ons is the slightly better grip on hard surfaces.

    • norbs says:

      Well the stay ons have only been in use for a few months. Before that I had cafe covers that I carried around with me. I would expect to get 20,000kms out of a set of cleats now. 🙂

  5. Dave says:

    If you spent more time pedalling and less time walking around cafes you get more out of them. 😛

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