Interesting Factoids and Myths About Chris Horner’s Vuelta Win.


  • Was born in Okinawa, Japan. – Wiki.
  • Jan Ulrich was born 2 December 1973 and won the Vuelta in 1999. Chris Horner was born October 23, 1971 and won the Vuelta in 2013. So Horner is 771 days (2 years, 1 month, 9 days) older than Ulrich and won the same race 14 years later! – Thanks John Galloway, Velocast Premium Podcast 15/9/13.
  • Grand Tour finishing positions prior to 2013 Vuelta.

  • Before the Vuelta, his only other major race wins were.

Tour de Langkawi (2000)
Tour de Georgia (2003)
Tour of the Basque Country (2010)
Tour of California (2011)

  • An interesting quote from an old Cycling News article. January 8, 2005

CN: Regarding Tyler Hamilton, and all he is going through, what are your reactions?

CH: It is hard to believe that that could be true from a guy who is so nice. I’ve never heard a bad word come out of that guy’s mouth about anybody. But then you look on the other side, and someone from his team is positive for the same thing.

  • I have read a few times on Twitter that Horner was one of the people at Armstrong’s side in the infamous press conference at the Tour of California in 2009. As far as I can tell, that is incorrect. It was Levi Leipheimer and George Hincapie besides him.

  • When he won stage 3 at this years Vuelta he became the oldest rider in history (41 years and 307 days) to win a stage and wear the leader’s jersey in a Grand Tour. –

All this is assuming he wins the race. The last stage is yet to finish, so who knows what could happen yet!

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