Tour de France. Resources worth a look.

PLEASE NOTE – This post will stay at the top of the page for the length of the tour. Saves people looking for it. 🙂

With only eleven more sleeps until the yearly roll around the French countryside starts, I thought I would throw together a list of sites that I think are worth a look.

If you have any that you think are good reading or viewing, let me know on twitter or in the comments.

My normal go to place, Keep an eye on the whole site for loads of great content.

Velorooms has an excellent thread previewing the race. It will grow as the race approaches.

I will probably do a separate post regarding PODcasts, but for now, my good friends John and Scott over at the Velocast have a premium show which is dripping with awesomeness. The Spring Classics, The Giro and Tour de Suisse podcasts were great, so get on board.

An often overlooked, but very good source of info if you can get your head around it is Reddit. Try out the Peloton subreddit.

Grab this excellent infographic from Velonews and print it out.

Obviously, for any people on the right side of the globe, the late nights can be a challenge. Some clever bugger has written a couple of guides to help you stay bright eyed during the cold winter nights. The one on this very blog and one also on Ride Cycling Review

Now, what about those not blessed with the terrific coverage we Aussies get from SBS? Fear not!


Live streaming to your computer from any of those sites is a great way to see the Tour if you don’t have TV coverage. I will update them as we get closer to the event with their respective direct links to the Tour de France.

Speaking of SBS, Cycling Central has loads of great info to digest. Their TourTracker even has its own FaceBook group. Tell them norbs sent you for an extra toasty welcome. 😉

The Tour Tracker is a great addition to watching the stages, with live chat and stats of all sorts. You really get to build up some great friendships late at night whilst trying to stay awake and make it to the end of each stage. From my hazy memory, there is even a tipping comp.

If you are new to this whole cycle racing malarkey, can I suggest you invest 10 minutes in this superb video.

There will be more as I collate them.

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