Friday Video

This weeks selection of videos from around the interwebs.

Good to see a pro give a bidon back to the team car and not tossing it into the woods.

Only watch this next clusterfuck if you want your blood pressure to rise. Bike Snob takes it apart here.

Want to know how to do a wheelie? 🙂 It just isn’t as easy as Dan makes it look.

And finally, episode 2 of Cyclismas’ new show, Road Reel is worth a look see.

In this episode of Road Reel, we’ve got Top Stories with Jonathan Vaughters outed as a “tweeter deleter,” Ramunas Navardauskas is more armadillo than honey badger, and Nike drops their Livestrong product line; Dave Smith catches up with Ladies Lotto Belisol rider Ashleigh Moolman Pasio in a new series called “Free Speed”; the Top Five Moments is back with Giro and USPro epic-ness, as well as fashion tips from Gianni Bugno and Brian Holm; Saddleblaze cycles Gran Canaria and has a ‘tuna-seepage’ moment on his crazy climbing; and we’ve got some performance cooking tips in “From the Kitchen to the Bike.” Thanks for watching, enjoy!

Have a great weekend and stay safe.

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  1. Luke Cossins says:

    Think you have linked to the wrong WSJ video in Video # 2.

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