Sorry Home Trainer, It Is Too Nice A Day…

It was a beautiful morning this morning so I decided the home trained and Sufferfest videos will have to wait til later in the week.

I will let the photos do the talking.

And on the way home, I snagged probably one of my favourite shots from the Go Pro ever!

The little girl on her balance bike giving me the big thumbs up. Awesome!

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3 Responses to Sorry Home Trainer, It Is Too Nice A Day…

  1. The bike lane – is that the grass or the gravelly gutter?

    Nice place to ride, some of the traffic looks a little unfriendly…

  2. smithcorp says:

    Ain’t no bike lanes out there in the boondocks. Squeal like a piggy!

  3. Raymond Tseng says:

    I thought the little girl was flipping you off at first

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