Friday Video – A Bit Different This Week.

Late last week I dropped into the doctors to get him to have a look at my hand that I had managed to jam into the gate with the wheelbarrow. Long story.

Anyway, he sorted that out and I asked him why I was getting sore hips whilst doing intervals on the bike. We went through a few things and he thinks it was because I was trying to get my legs too close to the top tube. Something I was trying to do consciously. Basically, I am too fat to ride knees tucked right in. Thanks Doc.

We got chatting about cycling and the pitfalls of it. Huh? Yes, there are pitfalls it seems. I have since read all about shortened hamstrings, lower back issues, neck issues, the list goes on.

The upshot of this long introduction was the doctor told me my core was weak and that I needed to stretch more. He suggested yoga.

Good lord, me in yoga pants? Is lycra not bad enough?

So I hit the interwebs and stumbled upon this awesome set of videos at A 12 part series of videos designed for cyclists.

They are all on YouTube, so for the techno savvy, you can download them and use most anywhere. Here is the first one of the 12.

Check them all out. Have a great weekend on the bike where ever you are.

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