Welcome to the SufferCell.

As those of you who follow me on Twitter with keen eyes would have seen, I tweeted last week about a pleasant surprise I got from a Twitter cycling buddy, Jason Brown. For those who aren’t part of the Twitterati, this is what I had to say.

This all came about when I Tweeted this…


Jason Brown got the good people at The Sufferfest involved in the conversation and before I knew it, he had arranged with David McQuillen at The Sufferfest to get me a copy of all 13 of their apparently awesome videos. As well as that, he spoke with Mark McTamany at CellBikes and arranged for me to loan a home trainer for an extended period! A brief email exchange with Mark and he has organised a JetBlack fluid trainer for me to loan.

To say I was dumbstruck is a slight under statement. I have never met Jason, although we do chat a bit on Twitter and I follow his blog, The Crankset, so we are virtual buddies I suppose. For him to organise such a terrific surprise is testament to the kinds of people you can meet online.

Since all this happened, Mark has shipped the trainer, which I expect tomorrow or Friday, and I have downloaded 26G of Sufferfest videos. I have had a look at a few of them, and have had my passport stamped, having arrived in Sufferlandria!

Not knowing a real lot about home trainers, I will be taking it easy the first couple of times I use it, just to make sure all is good in the land of Suffer.

Now, most people will know I am not a fan of the chest beating crew that seem to revel in the “hurt box” or “pain cave” or many other descriptors used to pump themselves up. Self harm isn’t something I go for. I have done a few interval sessions over the past few weeks and found them in no way pleasurable. That said, I can see why people do it. I have learned a lot about myself in the 15 or 20 minutes of 100+ cadence that I have done. I can see how it could make me a better cyclist, so I am going to give it a red hot go.

As a way of saying thanks to The Sufferfest and CellBikes, I am going to call the little area of the garage where I set up the home trainer, The SufferCell. I hope to spend many hours in there, making myself stronger and fitter.

So once again, I would like to thank Jason Brown, David McQuillen from The Sufferfest and Mark McTamany from CellBikes for their generosity.

I will do regular updates from the SufferCell and you can all laugh at me as I curse and whimper whilst going no where fast on my bike.

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9 Responses to Welcome to the SufferCell.

  1. Welshy says:

    pics or it didn’t happen. Lets see the pain cave..

  2. brownja says:

    Check out trainerroad.com. Sufferfest videos on T/R are much better than without. You push yourself harder, but the time passes more quickly.

  3. Smithcorp says:

    Mate, invest in an old towel to drape over your bars, to catch the gallons of sweat that will leak out of your bonce, even with a big fan blowing on you! You don’t want all that salty pain-juice to ruin your bike.

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