It is MY Bike!

I had a question thrown at me on Twitter the other day that I had no idea about, so I thought I would investigate. I was asked “Where can you get the personalised name decals like the pros?” Ha. I have seen them before, but didn’t know a thing about it, so I did some looking around. Searching bike forums and Reddit, a name kept popping up. Flandria Bikes. There were others mentioned, but all had negative comments. Flandria was the only one I saw that had nothing but positive feedback.

I had a quick email exchange with Adam Longworth from Flandria bikes and the order arrived 5 days later.

I put them on the bike this afternoon, and this is what they look like.

Click for larger

And the Flandria sticker looked so cool I put that on as well.

Click for larger

These are a great little addition to anyone’s bike to give it a little more flair. They come in a few different designs and the ordering process is easy.

Thanks to Adam at Flandria for the excellent service.

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  1. Graeme Turk says:

    Agree …. they look good and the service is great. Fitted mine earlier in the week

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