Speedplay Pedals. 12 Month Review.

That was a quick 12 months. You can see all the articles I have written about the Speedplay pedals here.

That will give you an idea on the amount of use the pedals have had thus far. Certainly not a huge amount of kilometres compared to some, but probably a little above average. Close enough to 10,000kms as to not matter.

So, how do I find them? They are possibly the best investment I have made for my bike. I love them.

Just a reminder. These are the Light Action model, so not something racing guys are likely to want, but perfect for a chunky 45 year old with dodgy knees.

How have they held up?

Here is a shot of them new.

And 12 months and a lot of kilometres later.

Click for larger

Click for larger

So they have taken a bit of a kicking, but not too bad.

How about the cleats I hear the naysayers bleat. Well, just for you, a before and after.

And after being walked on for a while.

Click for larger

No longer pristine, I will agree, but still work perfectly well. Most of the time I am walking around I do use the cafe covers. They are holding up well.

Click for larger

So, why the love? They are easy to clip in and out of. Being double sided makes it a non issue even when having to clip in going up hill. If I am tired at the end of a ride, and I have done plenty of long rides with these pedals, there is no issue getting out like I had with SPD-SLs.

I will acknowledge that there is more maintenance involved. I reckon I have greased them about 10 times in the past 12 months. It is a 5 minute job. I spray the cleats with a Teflon based dry lube maybe every couple of weeks. Takes 10 seconds per shoe. So the argument that they are high maintenance is rubbish in my opinion.

Overall, I am very happy with them. I would recommend them to anyone looking to get cleats on their bike, especially first time users.

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5 Responses to Speedplay Pedals. 12 Month Review.

  1. Personally, I’m mad for Crank Brothers stuff, but then I’m a mountain biker. I’ll see your double-side entry on the speedplays and raise you FOUR sided entry on Crank Brothers Eggbeaters 😉

    I like them so much I just got an extra pair to run on (gasp) my road bike. Like most MTB cleats, they’re recessed so take less hammering walking around. The low pedal profile also means I have slightly less chance of hanging up a pedal on a tree root and ending up on my face in a ditch. They have adjustable release, too, thanks to an asymmetric cleat that can be mounted on one shoe for 15 degree, or the other for 20 degree release.

    Still, I’d take Speedplay over Shimano any day, given the choice.

  2. Smithcorp says:

    They’ve moved a little bit!

  3. CLP says:

    I use crank brothers on my CX and MTB and i find the cleats to be pretty fragile, unlike those beefy looking speedplay cleats!… on the roadie it’s Look Keo. only issue i ever have with the Keos (and Look pedals in general) are the cleat/pedal interface starts creaking as they wear. Mr Sheen usually deals with that issue 🙂

  4. Duke6amer says:

    Might not be much maintenance but still maintenance all the same. Never ever had to touch a Shimano pedal not even cleat tension. Can beat that. 😛

    Oh good luck trying to get those cleat screws out too.

    They might be exceptional with all their adjustment & float but seems a lot of extra effort for little gain for most folk

    My opinion of course.

  5. Luke Cossins says:

    Thanks Norbs. Good review. I am looking at upgrading the pedals and this was just the information I needed!! Keep up the fab work!

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