Ulladulla. Aboriginal for Lumpy

Today I had to do a trip down south to Ulladulla to drop some cushions off for the brides business. (www.cooshonz.com) Whilst there, I thought I would take the opportunity to ride somewhere I hadn’t ridden before. I remember it being lumpy, but good lord.

On the way home, I was chatting to my mate Josh from Brisbane. He asked about the ride and with out much thought I described it as being lumpier than Christina Hendricks chest. He dared me to put that on the blog. I said I would go one better!

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There, so now that that is out of the way. To the ride.

It was a gray old day and it seemed very humid. I started out at the breakwater in the bay at Ulladulla.

Breaking Water

From there it was up a hill that had be puffing before I had 500m on the Garmin. Said Garmin was also reporting 14% gradient at one point.

Here is the ride profile.

Click for larger

A the top of the hill I swung around and headed North, destination, Mollymook.

The run down the main street of Ulladulla was broken up by cars parking and lights. So much for getting a run up at the next climb. I slogged my way up to the Mollymook turn off then enjoyed a pretty swift run to Mollymook beach.

Mollymook Beach

I was sweating a fair bit and had a quick chat to an old bloke who used to be a cyclist. He was bewildered by my orange tyres.

I then headed further North to explore around Bannister Head. It is a very nice area with some great spots looking over the sea. I wasn’t stopping though, I needed to get out to Milton and then head back.

Just before you get back on to the highway at Milton there is a 500m climb that tops out at 17%. Well, that is what my Garmin said. It felt like 37%.

It was an enjoyable, if not lumpy, run along the highway back to Ulladulla. I decided to have a quick look around and went exploring. Here are a few of the spots I found.

Ocean Views

Same Same

Where the light lives.

I then headed back to the car. It was a terrific ride and I will be heading back to do it again. Highly recommended if you are in the area.

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4 Responses to Ulladulla. Aboriginal for Lumpy

  1. Sam b says:

    sounds like a nice ride norbs

  2. Duke6amer says:

    I really do have to make a trip up your way soon, you have some picturesque places to ride in. Very Jelous!!!

    Oh & thank you for the Christina Hendricks pic. Brrr!!! Can’t wait for new season of MM.

  3. Bartman says:

    Hi, next time your in town call into the LBS Mountain Cycles for some great advice on ride locations. MTB is the choice of bike for our region with a great variety of terrain to ride.

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