Peoples Choice Classic – Free Beer!

After a little nana nap yesterday afternoon, Carl, V and myself set off to watch the People’s Choice Classic. Basically it is a crit race around a 1.7km circuit.

This was going to be my first exposure to the World Tour riders and I was slightly excited.

Not long after we arrived, the womens race started. I spent the whole race wandering the course taking photos. It was great. Here are just a few shots I got.





Then the mens race was due to start. I got a call from Rob Arnold at RIDE magazine. Apparently he could get me into the hospitality grandstand. Excellent. Thanks Rob. I had a short chat with him before the mens race and then headed to a spot I had scouted out for the race. I got a few shots before another punter came and virtually stood in front of me. Then some kids with the blow up tubes thewy bang on the fence got in the way so it was a lost cause. Before all that, I did manage a few shots.






The race was won by Andre Greipel who came around Greg Henderson just in front of me and took off like a rocket. That alone was worth the 1400km drive down!

Today is a day with some racing for the women tonight, so I will take some more shots later today. That and a ride report from this mornings ride with Mike Tomalaris and Nic O’Donnell.

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  1. Bart says:

    Great shots Norbs. Looks like you are having a ball.

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