Adelaide – First Ride of the TDU Week

Carl and V headed off to the Ride Like Crazy ride this morning, so I was left to my own devices. Instead of doing the smart thing and having a sleep in, I headed out at 7:30am for a ride to Glenelg beach for a coffee.

Last night I grabbed the route into the city off Carl so I was prepared. I headed off with the sun just having a stretch before a big day ahead. It was a sterling looking day. The run into town was uneventful.

Before I knew it I was in to the Tour Village, which is pretty hard to miss.

There wasnt a lot happening at that time, so I headed out to Glenelg.

Heading towards the water, I caught up to a bloke who I said hi to. We had a brief chat before he put the hammer down. Hello, commuter cup on a Sunday? I stayed with him until we got to the airport and asked him how to get to Glenelg? “Go left here” he said and I bid him a good ride. He then said “or you can go along the beach.” God damn it! I had already gone around the corner and thought better of chasing him again.

Glenelg was, well, look at this…

Stunning! There were cyclists everywhere. So many in either GreenEDGE or Aussie National champ jerseys. And mostly skinny buggers. I was getting light headed for the lack of breathing. Wandering around sucking my guts in takes it out of a bloke!

I was going ok along the Anzac highway when I got overtaken by a guy doing about 40kph on a bloody fixie with a messengers bag slung over his shoulder. My self esteem was taking a hammering. 🙂

I got back to the Tour Village and saw some of the guys from UNISA out side the Hilton. I think they approved of my bike.

Then I nearly bumped into 2 guys from RADIOSHACK LEOPARD TREK. Points if you can name them.

I then had a sit down in the park to watch what was going on. Team Sky took off and for a brief moment I considered chasing them. Then reality sunk in and I didn’t bother. What did strike me was 2 riders wearing the Norwegian national champs jersey. Any ideas on that?

Overall a good morning. Tonight is the Peoples Choice race, so I hope to do a write about that a bit later today.

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3 Responses to Adelaide – First Ride of the TDU Week

  1. Perry says:

    The two riders you saw with national champ jerseys with Team Sky, were most likely Edvald Boasson Hagen (Norwegian national champ) and Ian Stannard (British national champ)

  2. Was it two guys in the Norwegian Champs jersey, or were you seeing double from the effort of riding?

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