Hello Adelaide!

Today I was on the road at 5:05am. After the scorching temperatures of yesterday, I was keen to make an early start and get a good chunk of the trip out of the way before it got too hot. After seeing temperatures as high as 46C on the car dash board yesterday, I wasn’t expecting this at 8:00am in Mildura.

I filled the car up, grabbed some breakfast to supplement the bag of apples and bananas I bought in Hay and I was off. The fruit didn’t last long. I had completely forgotten about this!

Arghhh! Fruit fly control point! There goes all my fruit.

The rest of the trip went by with out issue, spent mostly listening to my Scottish buddies on the Velocast. Just out of Renmark there is a nice old bridge that crosses the Murray River.

There was a group of cyclist heading in the other direction. Looked like a charity ride of some sort.

It was then into Adelaide proper. There are people on bikes every where. Just as I got to the place where the Tour village is, I had 2 riders from AG2R nearly on my bonnet. That wouldn’t have been a good way to start the week.

Hopefully I can get out for a ride tomorrow morning before heading into town to watch the Peoples Choice Classic in the afternoon.

Cant wait for the action to start!

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  1. Jodi Gibson says:

    We arrived today too! So looking forward to tomorrow night!


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