2012, A Look at the Numbers.

It is still some what of a surprise to see the figures from this years riding. I few years back I would never had thought I could cycle over 5000kms in a year. These days, that hardly seems a challenge. A stated earlier this year the goals I had set myself.

Lets see how I went on that front.

#1 : As I have done the last 2 years, I have a goal of 6000kms for the year. Not the most difficult goal to achieve, but one that is important to me and the 6K Club.

#2 : Do 12 x Century rides (100+kms) in the year. (Note. I started this post in December 2011, before I had chalked up 3 Centuries in the first 9 days of 2012, so the goal stands.)
Check. managed 30 of the buggers actually!

#3 : Do 1 x 200+km ride in the year.
Missed. But I am happy with 30 centuries.

#4 : Climb 50,000m for the year.
Missed. Managed just over 40,000m. Ah well, I am not a mountain goat.

#5 : Drop below 90kgs.
Missed. Despite quite a few people commenting on my weight loss, I have maintained my weight nearly to to kilo. Still sitting on 95kgs.

So over all, not that great a year on the goals front. So lets look at the numbers.



Click for larger 


And last years numbers as a way of comparison.



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As you can see, there is a big jump in the amount of kilometres done (even though I did do about 60 more than that but had some issues with the Garmin a couple of times). The average speed has had a nice jump as well. Cadence has dropped off, but I think I know why. HR down 1BPM, which is great considering the average speed jump.

Overall, I am very happy with the figures from 2012. I doubt they will be repeated in 2013.

Next post, some of my highlights from 2012. It will be a long post.

Happy 2013!

EDIT : It was noted by orangearrow on Reddit that they use miles, not kms. For those that still use miles, check the 2012 stats here.

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  1. Sam B says:

    Nice work Norbs

  2. Zayin Krige says:

    max speed 112.5? Down a mine shaft?

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