Some Pundits Need to go for a Ride!

This blog posted started out three days ago as a summary of sorts. My attempt to simplify the last week or mores news in pro cycling. Mainly, I was concentrating on Change Cycling Now and the UCI decision on who got a World Tour license, or more importantly, who didn’t.

I had put a fair bit of time and effort into it. Collating links to all sorts of places, trying to cut through the bull shit, trying to sort the wheat from the chaff if you will. Yesterday, after a nap that went for 9 hours, I cracked it and deleted the lot! I was frustrated (I was also suffering from a 24 hour bug apparently). It seems to me that no matter what happens, their will be people bad mouthing any bloody initiative. There are some people out there who are so negative, I wonder if they will ever be happy.

Even this post has been edited down to the bare bones. I have removed names, whether they be real names or a pseudonym. I sent emails off to people who’s opinion I respect and got some great responses, none of which will be published. At least they helped settle me down.

This morning, this is how I felt.

Might I suggest a few other people out there who are continually pissing in the punchbowl, get on a bike and go for a head clearing ride. I would suggest a shag for some, but I can just imagine they would whinge about the effort involved.

I may just have another crack at simplifying the whole Clean Cycling Now Charter of the Willing at some time. For now, I might just ride with a bunch of mates I like to think of as the Peloton of the Pot Bellied!

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  1. Bart says:

    Love your work Norbs!

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