Friday Audio. Norbs on the Cycling Central Podcast.

Not the normal Friday Video this week. It is a video with out the vision. Audio only.

On Tuesday, Philip Gomes from SBS’s Cycling Central, contacted me about making a guest appearance on the Cycling Central Podcast. After I picked myself up off the ground, I agreed to do a phone hook up on Thursday. Later that day I was told I had a job interview in Sydney on Thursday morning. Ah, bugger. I contacted Philip and he suggested I go to the SBS studio and record with the guys. Wow, didn’t expect that.

Cycling Central, well, central.

I turned up at SBS and after being signed in, met Philip Gomes, Kate Bates, Al Hinds and Anthony Tan. We chatted about the show and I told Philip some of my cycling background. Then it was off to the studio to record the show.

I was a little nervous, but the pre show chat in the studio really helped. Once we got under way, the time flew by.

Al Hinds, me and Anthony Tan

It was actually very enjoyable. It felt like about 20 minutes to me, but the show actually goes for nearly an hour. It is a little odd being in the middle of a podcast that you subscribe to. You hear the Cycling Central at the start and Philip and Al bop around in their chairs like teenage girls. Tanman is too cool for that, and sits idle and business like. I really enjoyed the chat with guys who obviously know a lot more than me about the whole cycling caper. Watching Tanman get totally confused when I talked about my Tour de France Challenge from a couple of years ago was hilarious.

The show is now online. Well it went online last night. I was driving home after making a few visits whilst I was in Sydney, and the phone started beeping and Twitter notifications started coming in.

Here is the link to the Podcast

So there you have it. My first experience with PODcasting. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I hope you enjoy the podcast.

Thanks to Philip Gomes for the opportunity. Also, thanks to Al Hinds and Anthony Tan for making me feel at ease about it all.

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  1. Dave says:

    Very entertaining Norbs. Hope we get to hear more.

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