Ryder Hesjedal – Haleakala Record

I put a Tweet up early tonight about a dream I had last night about climbing the mega beast of a climb, Haleakala, in Hawaii. In the dream I punctured 1km from the top. I was about 4h 30m in to the climb. Oh, how I heaped praise on the gods of cycling in my dream.

I have mentioned the climb before on this blog. 55.5kms at 5%. Ouch. Well, out of the dark abyss that is my memory, came a recollection that I had seen a video at some point of Ryder Hesjedal trying to break Jonathon Vaughters record for the climb.

Here it is.

Ryder Hesjedal :: Haleakala Record from Media One Multimedia Inc. on Vimeo.

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