Tour de Kids Plus Charity Bike Ride – The End

Sorry it has taken me so long to get this post out. Some shenanigans with some bloke called Armstrong and his drug taking has kept me busy.

Wrapping up a ride like this is difficult. So many highlights. So many photos too look at. So many people to thank. Lets take it in that order.

Highlights (in no particular order)

– The bus stop. What a fantastic break on a god awful day.
– The last hour of the first day when we went like we were being chased by a mad ex girlfriend.
– The nightly dinners, nearly all highlights in their own right.
– The camaraderie of the riders. No matter who was having an off day, they were supported and encouraged.
– The luxury digs at Horsham and Naracoorte.
– The nightly Bulmers with Gary.
– Chasing Dangerous on the way to Beauforte.
– Finishing, what for me, was an epic ride.

Some of my favourite photos from the ride.

The Grand departe

Fat Man. Can’t Climb.

Lunch in the Sun

Sticky Date and Bullmers.

Over Sized.

Little Johnny’s Sponge

That Climb

Typical Days End

Final Day

Dangerous and the Face of Food

Ugg Eats Cake

The Red Escort

The End

Some thanks you’s.

Jason Woods, the bloke that roped me into this ride, and then bailed on me. Despite all the times I cursed his name, I have to say thanks for getting me involved.

Sam, Lewy, Dave, Adrian, Michael, Damian, Darren, Tim and anyone else that I rode with in preparation for the ride. You guys are great. You all helped get me ready for the trek across the country.

To my beautiful wife Andree, a huge thanks. Her love and support has been fantastic. Thanks Onz. xxx

Ashley, Matt, Gary, John and Dave. You guys rock. I barely knew you all at the start, but over 800kms, 6 dinners, 6 lunches and god knows how many rest stops, I got to know you all. A terrific bunch of fellows.

Tony let me know last night that the trip managed to raise $16,451 for the Kids Plus Foundation. So thank you to all my sponsors.

And lastly to Tony and Wendy Peach. The organisers who did such a excellent job of putting the ride together. Wendy who did all the support work, took photos, made coffee and tea, cut up cake and listened to us whinge and whine. And Tony, the patron of the peloton. He spent a lot of time at the front. He spent time helping at the back. He told the most corny jokes you can imagine. To you both, many thanks. It was a most enjoyable experience.

So there you have it valued reader. If you ever get the opportunity to do something similar, jump at the opportunity. It is fun, frustrating, tiring, rewarding and a load of laughs. Will I do it again next year? I’m not sure. I would love to but I will have to see how my job situation is next year. If I can drag a few mates along, I will probably have another crack at it.

Thanks for reading.

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2 Responses to Tour de Kids Plus Charity Bike Ride – The End

  1. Lewy says:

    Nicely wrapped up mate. Good effort with the fundraising too.

  2. Sam B says:

    Well done Norbs. Maybe i will do it with you next year if you do it.

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