The Scumbag heads the UCI, They are Not in the Peloton! Well Not Anymore.

So, Fat Cat Pat came out with another clanger last night that I only heard about a few hours back. Here is what poured out of that imbeciles mouth last night.

“Another thing that annoys me is that Landis and Hamilton are being made out to be heroes. They are as far from heroes as night and day. They are not heroes, they are scumbags. All they have done is damage the sport.” Pat McQuaid, 2012

Has he lost his bloody mind? During the main press conference he took a swipe at Michael Ashenden, suggesting he should stop making statements about doping and get back in his lab. The same guy who helped develop the EPO test.

He also said the UCI would still take money from athletes in cycling, they would just do it differently to how they did it when Lance slipped them a few lumps of the cold hard.

He then explained how things have been going since he took over the big job.

“I was elected in September 2005 at the world championships in Madrid,” he said. “On the Sunday prior to that I went to a dinner to congratulate the winner of the Vuelta a España, Roberto Heras. A week after I was made president we heard that he had tested positive for EPO. That was the beginning of my presidency. Since then I’ve had to deal with Operación Puerto in 2006, Floyd Landis in 2007, and Michael Rasmussen, Alexander Vinokourov, Andrey Kashechkin, Patrik Sinkewitz and the Telekom affair, in 2008 the Cera cases, with Bernhard Kohl, Stefan Schumacher and Davide Rebellin, in 2009 the [blood] passport cases with Danilo Di Luca, in 2010 more passport cases with Alberto Contador, in 2011 Ezequiel Mosquera and now Armstrong. It’s been a pretty horrific seven years. But I’m optimistic, although there’s still work to be done.”

Wow, you’re doing a bang up job there Pat.

I am going to get onto some of my clever cycling buddies to find out exactly what we can do to remove the festering pustule on the nose of world cycling that is, Pat McQuaid.

UPDATE: Thanks to @uci_overlord for sending this through.

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  1. Duke6amer says:

    There is another mechanism which is to voice your concerns into your nations cycling body as pointed out on twitter by many today. In the majority of cases it is tax payers money funding these cycling bodies so membership is not a requirement to have your voice heard & to ask for Fat Pat’s resignation for his deplorable performance while head of the UCI.

    Aussies go here for contact details to Cycling Australia:

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