A Huge Day for Cycling – What Will the UCI do?

Tonight, at 10PM Sydney time, the UCI will hand down its decision in regards to the USADA reasoned decision.

Basically only two things can happen. The UCI can accept the report or appeal it to the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

So many varied opinions on the interwebs, and I don’t consider myself wise enough to even have a stab at what will happen, but either way it will be a pivotal day for the sport we love.

Leaving aside the speculation about what decision will be made, how the sport moves forward with Pat McQuaid at the helm is beyond me. What wont be a surprise is how McQuaid and to some degree, the Honourary el supremo, Hein Verbruggen, manage to stay in their current roles. If they do intend to stick around, it will be interesting how they justify it.

Don’t be surprised if you see some of this action though.

Help US Obiwan McQuaidee, You’re Our Only Hope

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One Response to A Huge Day for Cycling – What Will the UCI do?

  1. Duke6amer says:

    UCI is damned if they do & damned if they don’t. But if Pat & Hein do survive this then I think professional cycling will be condemned to repeat the past, it’s time for new blood from top to bottom imho…. but then I’m just a punter so what does it matter as this saga is still going to be entertaining & so to will the sport, post this UCI decision.

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