Knock Over the BMC 79 Mile Challenge and See the Shoalhaven

Strava have just announced another challenge to take place in November. The BMC 79 Mile Challenge. This from the Strava web site.

This September, BMC Pro Team rider Philippe Gilbert won the 79th running of the UCI World Road Cycling Championships with a trademark attack in the final kilometers up the decisive Cauberg climb.

To honor that huge accomplishment, BMC is challenging you to go out and complete a ride of 79 miles (or greater) in one day.

Pick your favorite long training ride, prep your bike, fill up some bottles, maybe even sport a little bit of Belgian red/yellow/black, and push yourself to make it happen!

Note: The Challenge is to complete a single ride of 79 miles (or greater) in one 24 hour period. You have a three day window to make this happen and can make multiple attempts. Manual entries will not count towards your Challenge effort, nor will trainer rides.

So, given it is a month away, who would like to take in the wonders of the Shoalhaven area and complete the challenge in a ride I am planning? The ride will take place on Sat 17th November, starting at Culburra Beach.

Here is the proposed route.

Click map for more details

If you are interested, leave a comment below and I will see if we can get this ride happening.

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5 Responses to Knock Over the BMC 79 Mile Challenge and See the Shoalhaven

  1. Jason Brown says:

    I’ll be doing the challenge (on a BMC actually), but not sure where yet – Shoalhaven might be a great idea, but I’m not sure my knobbly tyres will keep up with you roadies

    I was thinking of offroading it and doing Oaks Firetrail up, Ingar Trail, McMahon’s lookout trail (out and back), Anderson’s Firetrail, then back down the Oaks, which should be 128km+. Big day…

  2. Duke6amer says:

    Damn you living to far away. Google Maps says I can ride 926 km & get there in 53 hours!!! Seems a bit of a waste to ride all that way to only go for a piddly 127km ride. bah… 😛

  3. Lewy says:

    I think I am working that day, will let you know

  4. Tim O'Mahony says:

    I’ll be on a plane… otherwise I’d come down and do the ride.

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