The Pro Armstrong Peloton

Early this evening, I posted this to Twitter…

Deafly? It has been a long day!

Since then, we have seen statements from a few riders coming out in support of Armstrong. I will try and keep a list of riders in this post who I consider are pro Armstrong with links to what they have said. Please feel free to add any examples you find in the comments.

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#1 Dowsett his since come out and clarified his comments, which to most people I have seen on social media, seem to think is PR spin. As Kimberley Ramplin (@Kimbo_Ramplin) so eloquently put it, “The hand of Fran”.

There are also a few comments being made that defy belief. See table below for those howlers.

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  1. Jacques Anquetil says:

    I believe Lance! History shall prove him right.

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