The Subtle Differences Between Sexes.

I tweeted this today, but for those that don’t get Twitter, I thought I would drop it into the blog.

I have been struggling a bit with a head cold, so after about 85kms today, I thought I would have a lie down near the fence of a dairy farm.

Looking South on Jindy Andy Lane

It was a glorious day in the Shoalhaven, sunny and bright and just a gentle sea breeze.

Looking North. Spot the bushfire above Berry

As I lay in the sun, stretching my back, I had 3 ladies stop their cars to see if I was alright! Just a yell from the car, but thoughtful and appreciated. Between the second and third concerned lady, there were 2 boofheads that slowed just enough to yell out “Get up ya lazy bastard!” and then tore off in their cars. It made me laugh.

Ride data here.

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2 Responses to The Subtle Differences Between Sexes.

  1. Lewy says:

    Of all the days I wasn’t driving past with a box of tomatoes in my car:-)

  2. Wratts says:

    Making the place look untidy again mate

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