Strava, Stand With Us

I just noticed a new page on the Strava website.

Click for larger.

It is certainly an interesting addition. I wonder what is driving it?

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5 Responses to Strava, Stand With Us

  1. CLP says:

    arse covering exercise by the looks of it!

  2. Markool says:

    I understand that they recently went through a legal action where the family of a guy who died while descending on his bike tried to argue that Strava was in part to blame because he was trying to claim the KOM Descent for that segment….

    Link here

    I’m willing to bet that this new addition is related to that….

    • norbs says:

      I reckon that was what CLP was alluding to in his reply. Very interesting that they have gone to such lengths.

      • markool says:

        Ahhh but you’re back in the Land of Oz, right? These guys are based over here in the land of litigation and libel…

        Damn ‘mericans will sue at the drop of a hat!

    • Jason Brown says:

      I wonder if Strava have some automatic segment flagging based on recorded speed limits now? I clocked a silly fast speed on one of my local downhill segments a couple of weeks back. The night before it had been open, but shortly after my run I saw it was flagged as hazardous.

      Though maybe someone had been doing the responsible thing and flagging parts of a common commuter route, and it just happened to coincide with me “getting used to” my road bike?

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