A Dozen Hundreds and 6K Kms, Done.

Earlier this year I posted a list of my goals for 2012. Amongst them were these 2.

#1 : As I have done the last 2 years, I have a goal of 6000kms for the year. Not the most difficult goal to achieve, but one that is important to me and the 6K Club.
#2 : Do 12 x Century rides (100+kms) in the year.

Well today, on a very windy day in August, I managed to place a tick next to both of them. I rolled over 6000kms quite early in my ride, and I managed to eek out 100kms before getting off the bike this afternoon. It was a pretty tough ride at times because of the wind. Luckily it was coming over my shoulder for most of the last 30kms.

So there we go. Last year it took me until about December 23rd to get to 6000kms, and the year before I didn’t even make it. This year I have done it in just over 7 months.

If all goes well in September, there will be another 6 100km rides in 6 days, so there is a good chance I could manage to get to 20 100km rides this year. Something I would never had thought possible a couple of years ago.

All this on a day that one of my favourite riders struck gold in London.

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Congratulations to Anna Meares. A world class athlete and an even classier person. Kudos to her.

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  1. Lewy says:

    Well done mate. You are smashing it this year. Awesome effort by anna too.

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