norbs Attacks a WC Climb at Geelong!

Well, attacks is probably the wrong word. To use a phrase by my Scottish mate John “sofaboy” Galloway, I look like a bag of washing, but this time the bag has split! I’m 4th up the hill. The fat guy gasping for breath.

This is the hill that was part of the 2010 World Championships road race. God knows how they did that 11 times or what ever it was. It is brutal.

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3 Responses to norbs Attacks a WC Climb at Geelong!

  1. Lewy says:

    Video is private mate. It’s a good hill though. I used to always go down it after climbing up from the bottom at Queens Park.

  2. CLP says:

    awesome footage of you lapping the field Norbs 😉

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