Pat McQuaid, @UCI_Overlord and @inrng

Theory time. It has occurred to me over the past few days that there might be a ripple in cycling’s matrix. Pat McQuaid continues to make wild and ludicrous statements regarding, well, everything. The flip side of this is @UCI_overlord who continues to put out smart, well thought and concise pieces of commentary. (Exhibit A your honour) Now, has there been some freaky role reversal. Is Pat McQuaid actually the snarky satirist and @UCI_overlord really the man running the sport? Could this be cycling’s very own “Trading Places”?

Talking of people that run the sport. Am I the only one that thinks @inrng should be the one wearing the throne of UCI Supremo? This man or woman, as far as I know he/she is still anonymous (I could be wrong), should, if they aren’t already, be in some high capacity within the UCI.

And while I am putting a broom through the cycling world, how about we retire Shergett to a chateau some where in Northern France and replace them with Ripp Finklemann and Jonny Gunn from CCNN-TV?

Just some idle thoughts. Comments?

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One Response to Pat McQuaid, @UCI_Overlord and @inrng

  1. Duke6amer says:

    Looking for the like button for this one.

    i like your ploy to try & discretely out the true identity of said celebrities. 😉

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