People Worried Cadel can't Win.

The theory is that he didn’t take enough time out of Wiggins in the first uphill finish. Well there are a hell of a lot more climbs to go.

Another theory is that he lost time in the prologue, and that there is 100kms of ITT to come. Yes, I can’t argue. But I have my own theory.

Stage 8

Stage 10

Stage 11

Stage 14

Stage 16

Stage 17

Now, my super professional Photoshop skills aside, see all those red lines. Notice how strategically they have been placed? Can you work out my theory?

Yes, there is over 100kms of descents going off my rough calculations. They say climbers ascend like angels. Evans, along with Nibali and a select few others descend like the second coming of christ!

Now, anyone remember stage 6 of the Dauphine this year? Evans attacked and took 8 seconds out of Wiggins in 6kms. If he does that for all 100kms of descents, that is a bit over 2 minutes. Sure, he wont do it every descent, but it could go a long way to negating what everyone is saying Wiggins will accumulate in the individual time trials.

There you have it, discuss. 🙂

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  1. Sam B says:

    I sure you hope your right Norbs. As I barracking for the mighty Cadel!!!!!

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